John Bagyi to Present Lunch Keynote at CRHRA Annual Conference and Marketplace

March 24, 2014

By: John M. Bagyi

CRHRA Annual Conference and Marketplace: Be an HR SuperHeRo

Lunch Keynote Speaker
John M. Bagyi, Esq.

Managers & Supervisors: HR’s Super Friends
HR SuperHeRos cannot function alone and need the support of supervisors and managers – or at a minimum, need supervisors and managers to not create additional liability by their actions or inaction. In this presentation, John will address how HR should prepare and nurture supervisors and managers to advance organizational goals without creating liability, what HR should ensure supervisors and managers know about legal issues, how to go about conveying this information, and the proper role of supervisors and managers in addressing common concerns, including FMLA issues, accommodation requests and harassment complaints.