John Bagyi Presents HR PRO Legal Update

March 5, 2015

By: John M. Bagyi

Center for Disability Services
314 South Manning Boulevard
Albany NY 12208-1708

2015 Labor & Employment Law Update
What’s Hot, What’s New, What’s Next

2014 was filled with a multitude of labor and employment law developments of which human resource professionals need to be aware. This program will get you caught up on those developments and, more importantly, what they mean for your organization.

This year's legal update will address and provide practical guidance on:

  • enforcement and litigation trends
  • what the EEOC has been up to, including its guidance on pregnancy discrimination and background checks
  • wage and hour developments
  • the NLRB’s quickie election rules
  • changes at the state level, including Wage Theft Prevention Act amendments and the legalization of medical marijuana
  • what's on the horizon

And much, much more!