As a patent attorney and engineer, Lucy has a superior understanding in the lifecycle and values of new technology, as well as specifications and standards to help her clients successfully protect their innovations. She has worked on securing patents in cutting-edge computer technologies including complex software systems, processors, and mobile communication technology, and recently cognitive systems, natural language recognition and analysis, artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning.

With substantial industry and academic experience in all areas of computer software, especially system, network and wireless communication, Lucy’s research and development experience includes development and implementation of new technology specifications and standards for leading international electronic companies. 

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  • 10,303,545 High Efficiency Redundant Array of Independent Memory
  • 10,163,006 Selection Determination for Freehand Marks
  • 9,806,911 Distributed Virtual Gateway Appliance
  • 9,542,646 Drift Annealed Time Series Prediction
  • 9,477,555 Optimized Disaster-Recovery-As-A-Service System
  • 7,992,031 Automated Disaster Recovery Planning
  • 7,966,320 System and Method for Improving Non-Exact Matching Search in Service Registry System With Custom Dictionary