Bond Builds a Better Website

January 9, 2018

(Syracuse, NY): Few things speak to the quality, scope and experience of a law firm as its website, and one of the major challenges website developers must meet is to encapsulate the skills, culture and diverse personalities of a firm. So when Bond, Schoeneck & King, a 250-attorney firm, decided to revamp its website, they looked first to their own attorneys. Forming a committee of lawyers diverse in geography and demography—the firm has offices across upstate New York and in New York City, Long Island, Naples, Florida and Kansas City—Bond began development of its new website in March of 2016.

The result? A revamp and redesign that highlights the outstanding professionals whose contributions make this 120 year-old firm dynamic and relevant in today’s increasingly diverse and fast-moving world.
“Our firm is, first and foremost, about our exceptional attorneys and staff,” said Kevin M. Bernstein, Chairman of the Management Committee at Bond. “Clients come to Bond for our experience, but they stay with us because of the strong partnerships we form with them as part of their team. Our new website reflects the vibrant people of Bond, their areas of skill, and the unique benefits each attorney offers to our clients.”
Kathleen Leach, director of marketing at the firm, brought together a dozen attorneys to contribute ideas to the website development. “The website is our single most important marketing tool, and when we announced to the firm our intention to invest in a new website, there was an immediate and enthusiastic consensus. We wanted the website to speak for us, so we recruited a cross section of our attorneys, who have demonstrated an interest in marketing to contribute their ideas and feedback during the process. It’s been a real group effort and reflects the collaborative culture of the firm.”  

The website development team was chaired by John Bagyi, a member in the firm’s Albany office and the firm’s marketing member. “There’s a certain gravity and venerability that comes with being an established firm, but we don’t want that mantle to obscure that we’re also a firm of the 21st century - nimble, responsive, diverse and at the top of our game. Our redesigned website reflects the vibrancy of the firm in its second century and provides a seamless user experience across platforms.”

The new has streamlined and reorganized its content so that the firm, its attorneys, practice areas and unique benefits stand out. It also has a cleaner, more organic look and feel. Kathleen Leach credits Kyle Skillman of the firm’s Kansas City office as a minimalist who has championed the ‘less is more’ aesthetic.  

“When you go to an attorney profile,” explains Leach, “you quickly know from the opening sentence what makes that person unique, their practice areas and his or her specific focus areas within those practices for a quick read and easy digestibility of the information.”  

Jessica Moller of Garden City actively contributed to the updated look and navigation, says Leach. Color photos now populate the home page, and the familiar blue color the firm has used in the past is accompanied by pops of vibrant color. Attorney profile photos are shot close up projecting the personal warmth and overall quality of the firm. “We’re inviting visitors to get to know us better, as a firm and as individuals. We’re looking for that engagement with our clients and potential clients.”

“Bond is a collaborative firm, and by first securing attorney buy-in to the new website, we took that teamwork to the next level,” concludes Leach. “The resulting website truly represents who we are as a firm, and as an extension of us, succeeds as a powerful marketing tool.” 

We invite you to visit the all new!