IP & Technology Newsletter - Year Recap 2022

February 1, 2023

By: Mark L. Beloborodov, George R. McGuire, Terria P. Jenkins, Jessica L. Copeland, Amanda Rosenfield Lippes, and Brendan J. Goodwine

The Year Recap 2022 edition of Bond’s IP & Technology Newsletter features articles on:

  • Note From the Author | Mark Beloborodov (Page 2)
  • Copyright: The Prince Of Thieves - The Supreme Court Takes up the Fairness of Andy Warhol’s Silkscreen of Prince | George McGuire (Page 2)
  • Trademarks: Message on a (Famous) Bottle or Barking up the Wrong Tree | Terria Jenkins (Page 7)
  • Patents: Incorporate With Caution | Jessica Copeland (Page 10)
  • Patents: Revisiting the Quid Pro Quo Bargain of the U.S. Patent System | Amanda Rosenfield Lippes (Page 11)
  • Patents: Subject Matter Eligibility Updates - The Federal Circuit Continues to Offer Insight Into Crafting Patent Applications | Brendan Goodwine (Page 14)

We hope you enjoy reading our latest edition!

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