NYC Salary Transparency Amendment

May 16, 2022

On May 12, 2022, Mayor Adams signed into law the NYC Council Amendment to the recently enacted Salary Transparency Law. In addition to postponing the law’s effective date to Nov. 1, 2022, this amendment also clarifies three other aspects of the law:

  1. The civil penalty for the first violation will be $0 if the employer cures the violation within 30 days of receipt of a complaint. The proof of cure may be submitted either electronically or in person and is deemed an admission of liability by the employer.
  2. In line with the recent CCHR guidance (which has now been updated), the law would apply to job listings for both salaried and hourly positions, and would not apply to any position “that cannot or will not be performed, at least in part, in the city of New York.”
  3. While an individual may only file a lawsuit based on a violation arising from an advertisement by their current employer, any aggrieved person may file a complaint with the Commission, regardless of whether the alleged violator is the grievant’s current employer.

In sum, employers should continue to work diligently to comply with the requirements of this amendment, but now have more time to do so. If you have any questions about this new amendment to the Human Rights law and its application to your operations, please contact the Bond attorney with whom you are regularly in contact.