Webinar Series - Stephen Donato to Serve as Panelist on The Business of Higher Education: Return on Investment

March 25, 2018

Every higher education institution has a complex set of challenges. To address these, we have developed a webinar series. Topics will include sustainability, leadership, financial challenges, investments and future actions.

From January through April, please join us on the fourth Monday of each month for a thought provoking roundtable discussion that will stimulate critical thinking.

This webinar series is designed for any business leader in higher education.
Each webinar will award attendees 1 CPE credit.

Webinar Presenters

  • John Null, Shareholder, Schneider Downs Higher Education Practice Unit Leader


  • Stephen Donato, Co-Chair, Business Restructuring, Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy Group, Bond, Schoeneck & King
  • Dr. Lou Marcoccia, Schneider Downs Strategic Higher Education Services and former CFO of Syracuse University
  • Staci Brogan, Shareholder, Schneider Downs Higher Education Services
  • John Bellardini, Strategic Consultant, Schneider Downs Meridian Services

Webinar Three - The Business of Higher Education: Return on Investment
March 26, 2018 from 2 - 3 p.m.

Can an educational “brand” be positioned to leverage technology, provide a cost benefit in a reasonable relationship to gainful employment? How does an institution enable success and embrace a culture that reflects a passion for its mission?

The cost/value proposition of Higher Education is being challenged relative to the return on investment. Changing technology is fast impacting cost, flexibility and community relative to Higher Education. Questions related to return on investments can be answered through a thoughtful decision-making process that incorporates the question “what is the return on investment?” 

Schneider Downs and Bond will discuss the following topics:

  • Pricing Structure - tuition, resets and discount rates - why does education cost so much
  • Competition - yesterday, today and tomorrow - changing education models
  • Brand - awareness, quality, and value
  • Leadership - ideas on positioning and transitioning by trustees, cabinet and faculty