Bond customizes a transaction team for every transaction (whether it be a merger, acquisition, sale of a business, equity raise, joint venture, cross purchase, break-up of a business or special financing).

Every transaction team is assembled with the goal of bringing together the right professionals to achieve each client’s objectives in the most practical and efficient manner. We serve as long-standing transaction counsel to variety of clients, both publicly traded companies and private sector businesses (including closely held businesses, individuals, family offices, venture and private equity funds, not-for-profit organizations, portfolio companies, cooperatives and other organizations).

We also serve as co-transaction counsel where our role is limited to assisting other professionals with specific parts of a transaction because of our knowledge, depth and experience. Alternatively, we serve as special transaction counsel for clients of other professionals for the limited purpose of undertaking the transaction.

Our transaction teams have experience in a wide variety of transactions, across many industries, states, countries and price points. These experiences allow us to provide practical approaches and solutions and specialized structuring to obtain the desired business objectives in the most practical and efficient manner. Depending on the transaction and our role, we can draw from a large pool of professionals with specific transaction experiences, including tax, securities, business, employee benefits, bankruptcy, intellectual property, environmental, real estate, labor and employment, and antitrust.

We like what we do, we like each other, and the clients and other professionals we work with like us. We help make transactions successful and enjoyable.

Our mergers and acquisitions practice has the experience to handle the following transactions:

  • Mergers involving either private or public companies
  • Stock purchases and sales
  • Asset purchases and sales
  • Tender and exchange offers
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Section 363 sales in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Spin-offs and Split-offs

Our attorneys specialize in leading our clients through the entire transaction process, including:

  • Preliminary planning for buyers, including collecting due diligence on prospective targets, strategizing offers, structuring the transaction to obtain the best business, financial and tax results, crafting indications of interest and preparing letters of intent
  • Preliminary planning for sellers, including drafting and negotiating retention agreements, reviewing engagement agreements with financial advisors, assisting with the establishment of datarooms and preparing the marketing books
  • Conducting legal due diligence (i.e., analysis of pending litigation, evaluation of environmental and regulatory compliance, evaluating employee benefit programs and employee relations)
  • Analyzing intellectual property and conducting infringement and right to use studies
  • Counseling senior management and the Board of Directors on fiduciary matters
  • Drafting and negotiating definitive transaction agreements
  • Structuring tax and finance matters
  • Analyzing human resource, labor, and ERISA matters
  • Evaluating real estate and environmental matters
  • Preparing necessary securities filings
  • Obtaining antitrust clearance

The mergers and acquisitions practice represents established companies as well as emerging businesses. Our client base is large and diverse and we have experience in handling mergers and acquisitions in a variety of industry sectors, including manufacturing, banking, medical devices, health care, higher education and technology development.

Our clients have business interests across the United States, as well as in foreign countries, and have not hesitated to ask us to represent them in transactions far and wide. Our attorneys have handled such geographically diverse transactions as:

  • Acquisitions of medical product manufacturing companies in California, New Hampshire, Oregon and Illinois
  • Acquisition of a fragrance manufacturer in New Jersey
  • Sale of a salt mine in Kansas
  • Acquisition of an industrial mineral mining company in Oklahoma
  • Acquisition of ceramic china manufacturers in Pennsylvania
  • Acquisition of a bank holding company in Pennsylvania
  • Acquisition of a food service equipment manufacturer in Ontario, Canada
  • Acquisition of a pension and employee benefit consulting business in Texas
  • Acquisition of a manufacturer of bar code scanning equipment in North Carolina
  • Joint ventures in Utah, Florida, Italy and Colombia
  • Numerous acquisitions and divestitures of companies located in New York and Florida
  • Acquisition of a printed circuit board manufacturer in Colorado
  • Acquisition of a ceramic circuit manufacturer in New Hampshire.