Manufacturing Week Complimentary Webinar Series

October 1, 2017

By: Michael D. Billok, Jeremy P. Oczek, Erin S. Torcello, Caroline M. Westover, and

Manufacturing Week Overview
In honor of National Manufacturing Day (October 6, 2017), members of the Manufacturing Industry Practice at Bond are offering a week-long webinar series, focusing on some of the most pressing legal issues facing manufacturers of all types and sizes.

In recognition of the ingenuity and hard work of manufacturers across New York State and beyond, Bond is offering this webinar series on a complimentary basis to clients and friends of the firm from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the dates listed below.

October 2
Cybersecurity: What We Should Be Doing
Presented by Michael D. Billok

• Cybersecurity laws applicable to manufacturers
• What to do in advance of a breach
• Things to know when a breach happens

October 3
Protecting Your Manufacturing Business from IP Theft
Presented by Jeremy P. Oczek

• IP Basics
• Risks and Vulnerabilities
• Best Practices to Protect IP

October 4
Wage and Hour Traps for the Manufacturing Industry
Presented by Erin S. Torcello

• Legal Basics
• Wage and Hour Traps
• Best Practices

October 5
Avoiding OSHA Liabilities
Presented by Steven J. Ricca

• Responding to an Inspection
• Enforcement Considerations
• OSHA’s New Slip and Fall Rules

October 6
Navigating Immigration Issues Within the Manufacturing Industry
Presented by Caroline M. Westover

• I-9 Verification Issues
• Most Commonly Used Work Visas in Manufacturing
• What’s Next? Foreshadowing Possible Changes from the Trump Administration

PDF File Cybersecurity-What-We-Should-Be-Doing

PDF File Protecting-Your-Manufacturing-Business-from-IP-Theft

PDF File Wage-and-Hour-Traps-for-the-Manufacturing-Industry

PDF File Avoiding-OSHA-Liabilities

PDF File Navigating-Immigration-Issues-Within-the-Manufacturing-Industry