Professional Development

Practice Areas

We have 34 practice and industry areas consisting of attorneys who have experience and/or a common interest in these practice or industry areas. They collaborate to share information, assist each other in serving clients and market our experience. An attorney may belong to more than one practice and industry. Participation is an excellent way for less-experienced attorneys to learn about other practices, to decide upon an area that interests them and to foster relationships with attorneys and clients who are involved in that practice.


We provide training for new associates in a variety of forms, all designed to give you a solid foundation in the practical aspects of practicing law.

We have a thorough orientation program for new attorneys. The program is intended to introduce you to all facets of the firm and its members. During your first six months with us, you generally rotate through Business Law, Labor and Employment Law, Litigation, Property and Trust and Estate allowing you to become acquainted with our practice as a whole and a wide array of individuals. As a result, your assignment at the close of the rotation program is generally mutually agreeable.

In addition, we present a professional development program that provides informative sessions on numerous of topics, including substantive practice areas, skills, ethics, marketing and more. While many of these programs are designed for all firm attorneys, some are designed specifically for lawyers just starting out in practice. All programs are available throughout our offices through video conferencing and may provide Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit.


Mentoring occurs both formally and informally. Our Mentoring Program is designed to assist you in making the transition from law school or previous employment. The program is intended to provide you with: (a) feedback from experienced attorneys on developmental progress, outside of the formal review process; (b) an outlet for venting frustrations without fear of a negative outcome; (c) a developmental checkpoint for legal skills; (d) an avenue for recognizing and championing your accomplishments and successes; and (e) the perspective of experienced attorneys on the political and social nuances of our firm.

It is expected that this formal mentoring relationship will last at least one year.

Overall, the Mentoring Program is intended to promote your inclusion in the firm's endeavors and to facilitate the growth and development of a lengthy and successful career with us.

Performance Reviews

Your performance and salary are reviewed on at least an annual basis. Attorneys who work with you are asked to assess your skills and performance in several areas. Our Associate Committee reviews these evaluations and meets with you to discuss your progress. During the performance review process, an effort is made to you apprised of their progress toward becoming a member in the firm. Your endeavors in non-billable and pro bono projects are valued and taken into consideration during the performance review process.

Membership Criteria

We hire attorneys we believe have the ability and motivation to become members* of the firm.

Admission to membership is based on demonstrated ability to perform a substantial volume of legal work in a consistently excellent manner. The traits of responsibility, personality and proprietorship that determine one's ability to attract, serve and address client needs are important considerations.

Associates employed by the firm directly from law school can normally anticipate consideration for membership within six to nine years of service with the firm. We consider experience outside the firm that contributes to the associate's demonstrated ability.

We recognize that not all attorneys aspire to firm membership. Additional options, such as senior counsel, are available for attorneys who join the firm as lateral candidates.

* As a professional limited liability company (PLLC), the firm's "members" are the equivalent of "partners" in a traditional partnership.