Careers & Lateral Openings

We thank you for your interest in a career at Bond, Schoeneck & King and encourage you to learn more about the firm, its practices, its people and the firm’s environment that is both challenging and fulfilling. To view our current opportunities, click here.

Bond’s success and growth for over a century is founded upon its focus upon hiring attorneys and professional staff with not just the requisite long-term career goals and educational credentials, but with those attributes that make them likely to become leaders in their field. These attributes include being team-oriented, flexible, innovative, setting high personal standards and self-motivation. Furthermore, the firm has developed a culture and programs that contribute to the development of such individuals in their drive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and their own colleagues.

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Bond understands that expanding our firm’s practice by hiring experienced and skilled attorneys is fundamental to our ability to attract clients and to provide them with thorough legal services of exceptional quality. Accordingly, Bond has made the search for lateral attorneys and complimentary practices an on-going strategic priority and enhances the firm’s ability to acquire new clients and professionals of unique and exceptional ability. Therefore the acquisition and integration of seasoned and skilled attorneys who seek expanded opportunities for personal and professional growth and who possess a desire to work in a collegial, team-oriented culture is a primary focus of Bond’s Management Committee.

Bond has many opportunities to offer lateral candidates that include a broad and varied client base, a stimulating and team-oriented environment, a collegial atmosphere, potential for growth, regional choices for residence, a high-tech infrastructure and professional programs to enhance your skills and professional development. Furthermore, the firm appreciates diversity and encourages participation in practice group leadership and committee involvement.


New Associates

Bond associates enjoy a broad range of opportunities beyond the firm’s 25 different practice areas and range of office locations. With an emphasis on exposure to real-world matters rather than research, your level of experience is enhanced and expanded at a rate many times greater than many large firms. As a result, your opportunities, horizons and progression as an attorney at Bond give you a more productive and rewarding career path. You can expect to meet with clients early-on and work alongside attorneys who are respected leaders in their practices.

In addition, the firm has an on-going Professional Development Program that provides not only Continuing education credits, but exposure to other areas of the firm and it practices to enhance your understanding of the firm’s capabilities and improve your potential and fortunes in broadening client relationships.

Summer Law Clerk Program

Bond’s Summer Law Clerk Program is crafted to not simply introduce you to the firm, but to provide a thorough experience with respect to the firm’s high quality environment, its collegial atmosphere, its culture of teamwork and collaboration and an understanding of why Bond stands out in the marketplace. Plus your experience at Bond will enhance your understanding of the application of the law in a number of settings and circumstances as well as to hone your own vision of a life as an attorney. Furthermore the Program’s mentoring and constructive feedback on your assignments will add to your skills and development.

Beyond the exposure to real-world matters, the Summer Law Clerk Program also includes opportunities to socialize and get to know both your peers as well as other attorneys and Firm leaders.

Law School and On-Campus Recruiting Information

During the on-campus fall recruiting season, we interview second and third year law students for most of our offices. We are currently registered at the following law schools and job fairs:

Campus and Location

Albany Law School
University at Buffalo School of Law
Cornell Law School
St. John’s University School of Law  
Notre Dame Law School  
Syracuse University School of Law     
Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law    
Hofstra University, Maurice A. Deane School of Law 


July 21, 2022
August 2, 2022 
August 4, 2022
August 4, 2022 
August 8, 2022
August 5, 2022 
August 9, 2022
August 18, 2022

If you are interested in an on-campus interview with our firm, please submit your resume through your law school placement office. We also encourage students in law schools not listed here to contact us directly.

For more information, please contact our Legal Recruiter, Kelly Capozzi, at kcapozzi@bsk.com

Bond, Schoeneck & King is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and welcomes candidates who can enhance our diversity.

Departments & Practice Areas

Bond, Schoeneck & King is organized into five departments: Business Law, Labor and Employment Law, Litigation, Property and Trust and Estate.

In addition, Bond has 35 practice and industry groups which consist of attorneys from across departmental lines who have experience and/or a common interest in these practice or industry areas. They collaborate to share information, assist each other in serving clients, and market the firm's experience. An attorney may belong to more than one group. Participation is an excellent way for less experienced attorneys to learn about other practices, to decide upon an area that interests them, and to foster relationships with attorneys and clients who are involved in that practice.


Our firm provides training for new associates in a variety of forms, all designed to give associates a solid foundation in the practical aspects of practicing law.

The firm offers a thorough orientation program for new attorneys. The program is intended to introduce a new attorney to all facets of the firm and its members. During their first six months with the firm, new associates generally rotate through all five departments of the firm, allowing them to become acquainted with the firm's practice as a whole and the individuals working in each department. As a result, each associate's departmental assignment at the close of the rotation program is generally mutually agreeable.

In addition, the firm conducts a Professional Development Program which provides informative sessions on a number of topics, including substantive practice areas, skills, ethics, marketing and more. While many of these programs are designed for all firm attorneys, some are designed specifically for lawyers just starting out in practice. All programs are available throughout our offices through video conferencing and may provide CLE credit.

The firm also provides other opportunities for formal and informal training to assist each attorney's professional development. Taking into account individual differences, the firm works with associates to develop tailored, flexible training programs that are challenging, satisfying, and productive. Bond recognizes that an associate's most valuable learning opportunity can come from day to day work activities and the ability to work with more experienced attorneys. The frank and open atmosphere cultivated throughout the firm allows associates to work with firm Members as well as other associates, thus enhancing the skills to sustain and build our practice. Our Members are accessible for consultation and guidance to help associates reach their greatest potential.


The firm's Mentoring Program is designed to assist new attorneys in making the transition within the firm from law school or previous employment. The program is intended to provide associates with: (a) feedback from experienced attorneys on developmental progress, outside of the formal review process; (b) an outlet for venting frustrations without fear of a negative outcome; (c) a developmental checkpoint for legal skills; (d) an avenue for recognizing and championing their accomplishments and successes; and (e) the perspective of experienced attorneys on the political and social nuances of the firm.

During the new attorney rotation period, attorneys are assigned a mentor by the Associate Committee. Following the completion of the rotation period and assignment to a department or regional office, new mentors are selected from the associate's department or regional office based on the associate's preference. It is expected that this formal mentoring relationship will last at least one year.

A mentor serves a variety of functions, including:

  • monitoring the associate's career development;
  • acting as a catalyst between the associate and his/her department and practice group to ensure that the associate is exposed to diverse and stimulating legal work;
  • providing coaching on a variety of subject matters of interest to the associate; and
  • coordinating the associate's professional and social networking within the firm and the community.

During the mentoring period, mentors are expected to provide periodic feedback to the Associate Committee regarding the associate's progress and any developmental needs.

Overall, the Mentoring Program is intended to promote the inclusion of new attorneys in the firm's endeavors and to facilitate the growth and development of lengthy and successful careers with the firm.

Performance Reviews

The performance and salary of all associates are reviewed on at least an annual basis. Attorneys who work with associates are asked to assess each associate's skills and performance in a number of areas. The firm's Associate Committee reviews these evaluations and meets with each associate to discuss the associate's progress. During the performance review process, an effort is made to keep associates apprised of their progress toward becoming a Member in the firm. Associates' endeavors in non-billable and pro bono projects are valued and taken into consideration during the performance review process.

Membership Criteria

Bond hires attorneys we believe have the ability and motivation to become Members* of the firm.

Admission to Membership is based on demonstrated ability to perform a substantial volume of legal work in a consistently excellent manner. The traits of responsibility, personality, and proprietorship that determine one's ability to attract, serve and address client needs are important considerations.

Associates employed by the firm directly from law school can normally anticipate consideration for Membership within six to nine years of service with the firm. The firm will consider experience outside the firm that contributes to the associate's demonstrated ability. No fixed period of service is required for those hired after experience in clerkships or from other legal positions.

* As a PLLC, the firm's "Members" are the equivalent of "Partners" in a traditional partnership.

Bond also searches for professionals who offer the same high degree of excellence and long-term commitment to success as we do for our attorneys. The firm seeks individuals who look for challenges as well as on-going professional development in their chosen field and who can contribute in a team-oriented environment in which they offer clients, whether internal or external, services of the highest caliber.

The firm’s commitment to our staff is reflected in the very low turnover rate as a result of their satisfaction and career fulfillment in such areas as accounting, information technology, marketing, as well as paralegals in a variety of practices.

Bond, Schoeneck & King offers The M. Catherine Richardson Clerkship Program, open to 1L law student applicants. The purpose of The M. Catherine Richardson Clerkship Program is to provide meaningful law firm experience to aspiring law students who bring diversity to the legal profession.

The clerkship runs for ten to twelve weeks. One applicant will be selected for each year, which will be for one of Bond’s New York offices (Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, New York City, White Plains or Garden City). It is anticipated that the clerkship will require approximately 40 hours per week. This is a paid position. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a full-time student in good standing in his/her first year of law school at an ABA accredited law school
  • The applicant must be a member of an underrepresented group.
  • The applicant must have demonstrated good academic performance.
  • Immediate family or household members of Bond, Schoeneck & King members and employees are ineligible.

Application Requirements

  • The 2022 application period has closed. Details regarding the 2023 clerkship will be posted later this year. In the meantime, please direct any questions to Kim Wolf Price, Attorney Professional Development and Diversity Officer or Kelly Capozzi, Legal Recruiter.
  • Official first-year law school transcript (which may be only the fall semester). If applicant’s grades are not available by January 21, 2022, they may be submitted later.
  • Current resume (which must include undergraduate GPA or class standing).
  • A typed personal statement of 1,000 words or less. The statement should include an explanation of all of the following: (1) your professional aspirations as a lawyer; (2) the way in which you offer diversity to the legal profession; and (3) your connection to and/or interest in practicing in any of our New York State offices.

Selection Criteria

Bond will review applications and select the successful applicant. The Firm may or may not ask applicants to participate in an interview. In addition to academic achievement, an important factor on which selection decisions will be based is the student’s interest in practicing in any of our New York State offices. Please note that the student will be responsible for providing his/her own lodging for the duration of the 2022 clerkship.

About Bond

Bond is a firm of 275 attorneys serving private and public sector clients and individuals in a broad range of practice areas. Bond has offices across New York State, including New York City, White Plains, Garden City and Melville; Naples and West Palm Beach, Florida; Red Bank, New Jersey and Kansas City. We represent clients from across the nation in a variety of practice areas including employee benefits, intellectual property, labor, higher education, business, litigation and NCAA compliance.

Future Employment with Bond

The M. Catherine Richardson Clerkship Program is entirely separate and apart from Bond’s hiring process. A student selected for The M. Catherine Richardson Clerkship Program is not guaranteed future employment with Bond, Schoeneck & King, nor employment with us as a 2L summer clerk. However, one of our goals is to become acquainted with diverse law students who may be interested in applying for our 2L summer clerk program or employment with us after graduation. Therefore, we encourage clerkship applicants, whether selected for the M. Catherine Richardson Clerkship or not, to apply for our 2L summer clerk program. Please be advised that our 2L summer clerk program has a separate application process. An application for The M. Catherine Richardson Clerkship Program is not considered an application for our 2L summer clerk program or any other employment with Bond, Schoeneck & King.