Workstyle & Culture

The workstyle at Bond, Schoeneck & King combines thorough professionalism with friendly camaraderie. Contact between associates and Members, as well as between attorneys in different disciplines, is always encouraged. The firm recognizes that a client is best served by a counselor who has a full understanding of the client and the client's needs, rather than by a mere technician. The willingness of our attorneys to share their collective knowledge and experience enriches our work lives and adds significantly to the quality of our work product.

The culture at Bond is, in most aspects, what you would expect of a large, successful firm. Our attorneys strive not only to meet, but to exceed, our clients' expectations in a professional and timely fashion. No matter how large or how small, every work product bearing the name of Bond receives the same attention to detail and is held to the highest standards. Our attorneys have modern resources and technology at their disposal, along with staff members who are truly committed to supporting the work of the firm. Without question, the firm's high performance ideals enhance the professional pride and personal satisfaction of every attorney practicing with the firm.

One notable aspect of our firm's culture is the inclusion of associates in a wide variety of activities. The firm supports the efforts of its attorneys to develop to their fullest potential. Therefore, associates are encouraged to participate in community organizations and professional associations, to give seminars, and to undertake practice development efforts that are rewarding to them and to the firm.

Recognizing that there is more to a successful and productive attorney than his or her work product, the firm fosters a warm, friendly, work environment for attorneys and staff alike. The firm encourages each attorney to enjoy life after work as well.

An important advantage of the firm's locations is that after-hours lifestyle options are both varied and accessible. While our attorneys share the desire and commitment to sustain and advance the firm's reputation for excellence, we also pursue a variety of personal interests ranging from athletics (e.g., golf, tennis, and running) to artistic endeavors (e.g., photography, choral singing, and creative writing). Attorneys are encouraged to take advantage of the cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities that are available in the communities we serve.