Peter was the General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) where, for several years, he was responsible for prosecution of all unfair labor practice charges and trials, supervision of NLRB field offices, the conduct of union elections, appellate litigation and compliance with NLRB and court orders. As a nationally known attorney, Robb has handled all aspects of labor and employment law including plant closings, labor contract negotiations, managing lockouts and strikes, securing labor injunctions, discrimination issues and disability claims, as well as advising on mergers, acquisitions, relocations and layoffs. 

Prior to his position at the NLRB, Robb worked in several prominent labor and employment law firms providing rigorous representation in all aspects of labor and employment law. In addition, he served as the lead counsel for President Reagan during the PATCO Air Traffic Controllers Strike and for many years represented the elevator industry’s multi-employer associations, including during its 100 day lockout in New York City.

  • Represented a major national corporation in a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) representation case proceeding, which had 34 days of hearing over three months to resolve 80 contested classifications covering hundreds of employees. It was the largest representation hearing in NLRB Region 1’s history, and the decision changed the petitioned-for unit by 150 employees. The employer won the election which took place more than two years after the day the petition was filed.
  • Chief legal advisor to the Elevator Manufacturers Association of New York in master contract negotiations, covering 80% of the elevator constructors working in New York City and the vicinity, guiding this industry through a 100-day lockout.
  • Advised and litigated on behalf of the major elevator companies in the U.S. through their multi-employer association, National Elevator Bargaining Association.
  • Successfully defended numerous multi-national corporations in arbitrations involving work hours, shifts, apprenticeship issues and work jurisdiction involving complex litigation.

  • Co-authored labor law sections for Matthew Bender Treatise on Public Health Care Law and New York Labor Law

  • Implications of the Pro-Act, 74th Annual NYU Conference on Labor & Employment Law: Initiatives of the Biden Administration, June 8, 2022