Labor and Employment Law Academy Fall 2024

October 8, November 6, December 10

By: John M. Bagyi, Paul J. Buehler III, Michael D. Billok, Robert F. Manfredo, and Rebecca J. LaPoint

In today’s workplace, it is imperative to understand the far-reaching effects of employment laws and regulations that impact each and every business. Failure to do so may result in significant administrative fines or costly legal judgments.

The Academy program is your one-stop solution. This program will provide participants with a comprehensive review of employment laws – from screening and hiring, to wage and hour issues, to performance management and terminations.

By popular demand, this year’s Academy program will include a three-part series addressing the full spectrum of leave issues - leave as a reasonable accommodation, family leaves under the FMLA and PFL, and other protected leaves and leave issues (e.g., PSL, leave for victims of domestic violence, jury duty, emergency responders and the retaliation provisions of the New York Labor Law).   

Presented by recognized leaders in employment law and human resources, the Academy will focus on practical workplace applications that will prepare you to deal with the real-life issues you face every day.

Invaluable Information for:
      • Human resource professionals
      • Business owners
      • Those performing the human resource function, including executive directors, business,
        office and operations managers

Session One • October 8, 2024
Session Two • November 6, 2024
Session Three • December 10, 2024

The Desmond Hotel • 660 Albany Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12211

Program Agenda
8 - 8:30 a.m.           Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 - 11:30 a.m.    Program

Registration Fees Per Person:
Bond clients: $65/session; $120 in advance for two sessions; $150 in advance for three sessions
Non-clients: $80/session; $140 in advance for two sessions; $180 in advance for three sessions

Refunds will only be made for cancellations received no fewer than 5 business days before event. This seminar series is intended for the invited guests of Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC. Bond reserves the right to deny admission to any registrant.

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Session One: October 8, 2024 
Leave Series Part 1 -  Leaves and Other Common Reasonable Accommodation Concerns  

Presented by: John M. Bagyi, Esq., SPHR, SHRM-SCP
This entire session will focus on disability-related leaves and other common reasonable accommodation concerns. Through a discussion of case studies based on real world scenarios, participants will learn how to reconcile their obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the New York Human Rights Law, and the Family and Medical Leave Act and how to tackle some of the most common issues they will face, including requests for medical documentation, employees who obstruct the interactive process, leaves of absence that are repeatedly extended, and disciplining employees protected by the ADA/NYHRL/FMLA.

Session Two: November 6, 2024
Leave Series Part 2 – FMLA and PFL – Real World Playbook
Presented by Paul J. Buehler III, Esq.
This session will focus on the similarities and differences between leaves under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and New York Paid Family Leave (PFL), including a refresher on eligibility criteria, how the FMLA and PFL overlap (and when they don’t), recommended policy considerations, and other best practices. Our review will focus on real world examples to provide a practical playbook for when employees request leave.

If Managing Employees Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It
Presented by Michael D. Billok, Esq.
If you’re reading this, you know the “usual” process of taking progressive steps until an employee changes their ways, or the company and employee part ways. This presentation, however, will cover the more difficult performance management scenarios, such as:

  • The Would-Be Whistleblower. This is the employee who routinely complains about all things, great and small, and claims to have every federal agency on speed-dial. “Something I complained about has to be whistleblowing, right?”
  • The Always Out Employee. This is the employee who has car trouble. And child-care trouble. And a hangnail flareup. And who is caring for their former college roommate (well, just one semester) who is inconsolable after their team didn’t make the playoffs. You get the picture.
  • The “The Previous Manager Let Me…” Employee. Self-explanatory! We’ll discuss how to navigate these and other difficult scenarios as nimbly as possible.

Session Three: December 10, 2024
Leave Series Part 3 - 50 Ways to ‘Leave’ your Employer 
Presented by Robert F. Manfredo, Esq.
The third session in our Leave Series will provide an overview of statutory leaves that are less common, but equally important, to understand.  We will review requirements such as leave for victims of domestic violence, jury duty, emergency responder leave, voting leave, paid sick leave, and the retaliation provisions of the New York Labor Law.  

Untangling the Web of Employee Misclassification Issues
Presented by Rebecca LaPoint, Esq.
This session will focus on the proper classification of workers, including classifying employees and independent contractors, as well as exempt and non-exempt employees. With shifting tests to determine independent contractor status and changing requirements for exempt employees, an employer must be cautious when classifying workers. During this presentation we will provide the audience with an overview of the important factors to assess when classifying workers, real world examples, as well as practical tips for employers to mitigate the risk of liability.

This event is intended for the invited guests of Bond, Schoeneck & King. Bond reserves the right to deny admission to any registrant.