Bond Goes Green Through ABA-SEER Law Office Climate Challenge Participation And EPA Wastewise Membership

October 5, 2008

(Syracuse, NY) Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC is taking steps in environmental stewardship to promote waste reduction and other energy reduction practices throughout the Firm's twelve offices.

Recently, Bond became an active participant in the Law Office Climate Challenge, which is organized through the American Bar Association's Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER). The Firm is participating in the Best Paper Practices and WasteWise Components, which designates them as a Law Office Climate Challenge Partner.

WasteWise focuses on three key elements of waste reduction -- waste prevention, recycling, and buying or manufacturing recycled content products. Organizations joining WasteWise agree to develop goals in these areas, track their results, and share their accomplishments with the program. To facilitate the implementation of waste reduction programs, WasteWise provides partners with guidance for establishing goals and tips for monitoring progress. EPA commends partners for their achievements through the presentation of WasteWise awards and features in program articles and publications.

Research by EPA and others has shown that conserving materials through waste prevention and recycling saves energy and reduces pollution, including emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. In addition to the numerous environmental benefits waste prevention and recycling offer, waste reduction can improve operational efficiency and reduce waste management and purchasing costs.

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