Higher Education Practice Group Attorneys Aid in Efforts to Reopen Antioch College

March 18, 2009

Following over 150 years of proud history, operations at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio were suspended by the Antioch University Board of Trustees in 2008 based on financial considerations. However, alumni and other concerned parties did not want Antioch to become just a fond memory, so efforts were put in place to create an independent Antioch College, separate from Antioch University.

A taskforce consisting of members of the University's Board of Trustees and other alumni, and chaired by the President of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, was created to develop a process to revitalize the College. Based on its recognized Higher Education practice, Bond, Schoeneck & King was retained to act as special counsel to the task force and its chair.

Working with the Task Force, Philip J. Zaccheo and Raymond J. Pascucci, of the firm's Higher Education Practice Group, helped craft a Letter of Intent establishing the framework for a more detailed and comprehensive definitive agreement to give life to the newly independent College. The Letter of Intent was recently approved by both the Board Pro Tempore of the Antioch College Continuation Corporation and the Antioch University Board of Trustees. In 2009, Bond, Schoeneck & King will continue our work with the Task Force toward the finalization of the definitive agreement, and the eventual reopening of Antioch College.