How Do Mead and Braggot Rules Affect Other Markets?

April 19, 2019

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The new ABCL provisions covering mead and braggot include changes to the requirements for retail licensees that will help ensure New York State producers of mead and braggot can more readily find buyers for their products without added administrative burdens. For example, without paying any additional fee, by virtue of their existing license, retail licensees are authorized to sell mead not designated as wine (below 8.5% ABV) at retail for on- or off-premises consumption; retail licensees authorized to sell wine can sell at retail, mead designated as wine for on- or off premises consumption; and retail licensees authorized to sell beer may sell braggot at retail for on or off-premises consumption. Furthermore, retail licensees are permitted to conduct consumer tastings of mead and braggot at their licensed premises, provided the tastings conform to certain conditions.