John Bagyi to Present on Sexual Harassment at NYSFDA 2018 Annual Convention

August 12, 2018

By: John M. Bagyi

John will speak at the NYS Funeral Directors Association Annual Convention on August 13, 2018 from 8 - 9 a.m. His presentation is titled, "Workplace Harassment Prevention – A Necessity Now More Than Ever." 

In this “Me Too” year of awareness on sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace, employers need to understand how this landscape is evolving and how to respond proactively. While sexual harassment in the workplace is not new, traditional reactive approaches and policies are no longer optimal. At the same time, harassment claims are evolving, with claims by men increasing and claims alleging harassment on bases other than gender also on the rise. As a result, it is more important than ever that employers be prepared to take proactive steps to identify harassment concerns and respond appropriately when an employee complains. In fact, courts have suggested that educating supervisory personnel is necessary to avoid punitive damages and have found that failing to so is an “extraordinary mistake.” This session will cover recent trends and legal developments in workplace harassment, common employer mistakes, and provide practical tips on how to avoid legal liability associated with harassment.

The convention will be held at Turning Stone Resort & Casino from August 12 - 15. For a full overview of the event, a complete agenda and registration information, please click here.