Monthly Feature: Get to Know... Kerry Langan

September 30, 2018

Kerry Langan impresses. You won’t find flash or hyperbole with Kerry, a member in the labor and employment practice, but one conversation with her will confirm that she is the real deal, capably navigating the challenges her clients face on a daily basis.

Not only has her training and work ethic prepared her for her role, she also cut her teeth on it: “I naturally gravitated towards representing management in labor and employment because of my family’s business,” Kerry recalls. Kerry’s grandfather was a founder of a regional cement company, and Kerry’s family continues to manage the Amsterdam, New York- based business. “All my life I’ve heard stories that reflect the employer viewpoint so I readily identify with some of the problems unique to business owners. It’s easy to relate to my clients in that respect.”

Kerry represents private and public sector employers in all aspects of labor and employment relations. She is regarded as a go-to at Bond for complex issues relating to leaves of absence. “The Family and Medical Leave Act, New York State Paid Family Leave Benefits Law and Americans with Disability Act are all wrapped into this area. Managing leaves can be very complicated for employers and attorneys who have not closely studied the specific laws governing this area. You have to know all three laws well to understand the interplay. In addition to keeping me very busy, policy review and work on employee handbooks has earned me close relationships with my clients.” 

“Clients love Kerry because of her approach and her demeanor; she strongly represents her clients when necessary, but she is very easy to get along with and to work with,” says colleague Caroline Westover, who played a role in recruiting Kerry for an associate position at the firm more than 10 years ago. 

“Developing relationships with my clients has been an important part of my career growth. I always take the time to talk to them about common interests, as well as the business at hand. This helps to cultivate a more personal relationship. Clients trust my advice because I know, for example, their tolerance for risk. Having this knowledge makes it easier for both of us.”

“Kerry directs all of her efforts and energies to her practice, her family and her community,” adds Westover. “Her time management skills are exceptional. She manages to successfully juggle all of these interests, and what I like is that through it all she’s always positive. ‘We can get this done’ is her prevailing attitude and she accomplishes what she sets out to do thoroughly and thoughtfully. Kerry has a natural way of assessing what clients need, and she does extraordinarily well with human resource practitioners because she can connect with them directly. Kerry has a similar demeanor and approach with her partners and colleagues in the firm – she is able to work with everyone.”

A busy mother of three young children, Kerry nevertheless made member at Bond last year. “It’s really important for me to spend my free time with my children, so I do a lot of work after they’ve gone to sleep at night. I’m fortunate that I have the flexibility to control my schedule so that I can better balance my personal life and my career.” 

Despite the demands of family life and her law practice, Kerry is buoyant about the opportunities presented every day. “I really like where my career is headed. Every day holds a different challenge. There are always new issues that arise and I enjoy tackling and solving problems.”

Community Outreach Activities
Board Member, Huntington Family Centers, 2014-present
Board Member, Circare (formerly Onondaga Case Management Services), 2010-2016