New “Call-In” Pay and Worker Scheduling Requirements Proposed in New York

November 27, 2017

By: Andrew D. Bobrek

Private sector employers in New York will be subject to new “call-in” pay and scheduling requirements under recently-proposed state Regulations.

For employers with variable or unpredictable work schedules, these new requirements could have a particularly dramatic impact and may necessitate significant operational changes.

Among other things, these Regulations would establish a number of new circumstances when non-exempt employees will be eligible to receive mandatory “call-in” pay under New York’s catch-all “Miscellaneous Industries” minimum wage order.

To help you understand the ramifications of these proposed Regulations, Bond offers this complimentary half-hour webinar outlining:

  • Who is and who is not covered under the proposed Regulations
  • What specific new circumstances will require payment of “call-in” pay to workers
  • How the proposed Regulations may impact the scheduling of workers
  • What exceptions may apply to these requirements
  • What actions you should be considering now to prepare for these potential changes