The Bond Torchbearer Spotlight with Dori K. Bailey

May 11, 2022

By: Dori K. Bailey and Elizabeth L. Morgan

Torchbearer: A person who leads or inspires others in working toward a valued goal.

The Bond Women’s Initiative is presenting a series of interviews to highlight the careers and successes of the women attorneys of Bond: the Bond Torchbearer Spotlight. The spotlight focuses on women attorneys formerly or currently at Bond in all stages of their careers. The Torchbearer Spotlight showcases the many ways Bond women lead and inspire others in their law practice, private life, community service and/or educational experiences.

Please join us for a short “fireside chat” where we will spotlight our next Torchbearer – Dori Bailey.

A Long Island native, Dori began her career as a commercial loan officer for The Bank of New York where she worked with the bank’s in-house and outside counsel on major financing transactions. It was a natural choice for Dori to concentrate in business during law school, and her legal career began in corporate M&A in Washington, D.C. Shortly after joining Bond in the Syracuse office, Dori founded and built from the ground up Bond’s Financial Institutions Regulatory practice, which she also chairs. In addition to her corporate practice, Dori regularly advises financial institutions regarding regulatory and compliance matters, conducts investigations, assists clients in navigating regulatory examinations, handles regulatory appeals and more.  

At many steps in her education and career, which have been dedicated to financial matters, Dori has found herself to be one of only a few women in the room. Drawing from her experience, she has channeled her knowledge and perspective to being a dedicated and impactful mentor to business associates at the firm. Dori’s passion for teaching and mentorship also extends beyond the firm – Dori is an Adjunct Professor at Syracuse University College of Law where she teaches courses on banking law and business valuation law and regularly writes articles regarding banking and other legal and regulatory matters. Dedicated to her local community and family, Dori has been a troop leader for the past 10 years for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. 

Bond women light the way – and we want to applaud and honor those efforts.

Complimentary Zoom Webinar
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Noon - 12:45 p.m. ET

Torchbearer: Dori K. Bailey - Member, Syracuse
Interviewer: Elizabeth L. Morgan - Associate, Syracuse

Sponsored by Bond's Women's Initiative