The Bond Torchbearer Spotlight with Monica C. Barrett

April 15, 2021

By: Monica C. Barrett, Sara M. Richmond, and Ayanna Y. Thomas

Torchbearer: A person who leads or inspires others in working toward a valued goal. 

The Bond Women’s Initiative is developing a series of interviews to highlight the careers and successes of the women attorneys of Bond: the Bond Torchbearer Spotlight. The spotlight focuses on women attorneys formerly or currently at Bond in all stages of their careers. The Torchbearer Spotlight showcases the many ways Bond women lead and inspire others in their law practice, private life, community service and/or educational experiences.

Please join us for a short “fireside chat” where we will spotlight our inaugural Torchbearer - Monica Barrett. Monica came of age in a tumultuous time. Following the great societal changes of the Sixties, traditional gender roles were being questioned and women were entering the workforce in greater numbers, embarking upon careers outside of the traditional pink collar professions. While a world of choices was opening up for intelligent, high achieving young women, there was also a clear push toward investment banking or the law. Always one to choose her own, rather than the conventional path, Monica, who had studied philosophy at Wellesley, initially resisted that directive, opting instead to spend some time traveling around the country, learning more about not only herself, but how she could have a positive impact on the future of others. She made her way back to the east coast, worked in book publishing at Alfred A. Knopf for two years, and then decided to go to law school.

Bond women light the way – and we want to applaud and honor those efforts. 

Zoom Webinar
Thursday, April 15, 2021
Noon - 12:45 p.m.

Monica C. Barrett - Member, New York City

Sara M. Richmond - Member, New York City    
Ayanna Y. Thomas - Associate, New York City

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