When and How to React to COVID Developments for Higher Ed Institutions - Complimentary Webinar

August 25, 2020

By: Candace J. Gomez, Peter A. Jones, Barbara A. Lee, Ph.D., and Jane M. Sovern

Bond attorneys will present a “tabletop exercise” webinar on pivotal issues that higher education institutions are grappling with as the school year is about to begin. 

Many of our higher ed attorneys bring extensive first-hand experience as former administrators and educators. Our panelists will have an open discussion on topics that all institutions are facing. 

Topics will include:

  • Planning for sudden full or partial closing
  • Communicating with your constituencies on pivoting to remote learning or a hybrid of remote and in-person classes
  • Establishing thresholds that may trigger the decision to move to remote instruction
  • Determining statuses of libraries, classrooms, dining halls, residence halls, labs and other buildings
  • Delivering instruction and academic support for students
  • Addressing safety concerns and campus security
  • Preparing for student (and faculty and staff) mental health issues
  • Planning for remote delivery of administrative services

Tuesday, August 25
9 - 10 a.m., plus a bonus 30 minutes of Q&A

Presented by:
Candace Gomez - Member, Garden City
Peter Jones - Member, Syracuse
Barbara Lee - Of Counsel, New York
Jane Sovern - Member, New York

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