Bond Lauded for “Tipping the Scales” Toward Gender Equity

November 16, 2023

Bond, Schoeneck & King was one of 78 law firms recognized this month by the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance for “Tipping the Scales” toward gender parity by promoting a new partner class made up of at least 50% women.

The Alliance’s 2023 New Partner Report, a compilation of public data related to the gender breakdown of attorneys promoted to partner in U.S. and global law firms, revealed that 43.7% of new partners from 196 major American law firms in 2023 were women, representing a substantial increase of 3.5% from last year’s 40.2%.

For its part, Bond elected 12 new members (partners) in January, including eight women – or 66.7%

“I’m optimistic about the overall upward momentum of the percentage of women in new partner classes in the U.S. and globally,” said Manar Morales, President & CEO of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance. “However, law firm leaders must continue to be intentional about developing strong, equitable systems for recruitment, work distribution, mentorships, training, pay and evaluations to maintain and grow their gender parity in leadership.”