Enough is Enough Data Due October 1

September 17, 2020

By: Mallory A. Campbell

The new Title IX rule, which became effective August 14, 2020, has garnered much attention in the higher education community over the summer. Many schools have scrambled to put new policies in place and to adequately resource and train staff for new responsibilities. For New York institutions, it is important to remember that schools also have requirements under the New York’s Enough is Enough law.

Importantly, Enough is Enough (New York Education Law Article 129-B) requires colleges and universities to submit annually aggregate data on reported incidents of sexual violence and their adjudication and handling.

In 2017, the New York State Board of Regents adopted regulations for reporting this information. A link to those regulations is provided below. Reports were due last year for calendar year 2018 so institutions should have familiarity with compiling and filing this Aggregate Data Report.

The October 1, 2020 deadline for calendar year 2019 reports is fast approaching. Any institution of higher education who has not yet submitted its 2019 Aggregate Data Report should attend to finalizing it and submitting the Report by the October 1 deadline. The Report should be submitted electronically.

Helpful links are provided below.

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