Health Care Conference and Webinar Series: Understanding the Role of the Health Care Facility Board of Directors

November 2, 2011

This seminar / webinar series will address pertinent issues affecting Health Care Providers. Our Health Care Practice Attorneys continually monitor changes to health care law and will present relevant details to help you address the changing health care climate.

Who Should Attend
Health Care Administrators, Practice Managers, Chief Operating Officers and Board of Directors of health care facilities.

The role of a corporation's board of directors is governed by state and federal laws. Directors on health care company boards have an added complexity to their roles due to specific regulations on health care. In addition, since many health care companies in New York are tax-exempt, not for profit entities, there are additional rules applicable to their operations. The board of directors oversees compliance with these laws and regulations. In this webinar, we will review the unique responsibilities of health care facility board members and the legal issues surrounding these roles.

Attendees will take away information on:

- Why issue of director and officer conduct is so important
- Three types of duties that directors of not-for-profit's owe under NYS law
- Differences in duties between for profit and not-for-profit entities
- Issues of special concern for directors of health care institutions
- How directors and officers may protect themselves