Monthly Feature: Get to Know... Audrey L. Faw

February 1, 2023

Audrey Faw is no snowbird.

A native of the central Florida city of Ocala, she grew up watching Northerners descend every winter, then flap away each spring. She knows to hunker for hurricanes and liberally apply sunscreen. And she bleeds orange and blue as a twice-anointed Gator – having attended the University of Florida as both an undergrad and a law student.

But Audrey does know what snowbirds need. As a litigator increasingly involved with real estate and trust and estate matters, she helps those relocating to her home state. Because they shuttle between homes in different states, part-time Floridians often need help navigating buying and selling real estate, establishing residency, minimizing their tax burden, drafting advance directives, estate planning and more.

She began her career in commercial litigation at the West Palm Beach office of the law firm of Lazer, Aptheker, Rosella & Yedid, and has since expanded her practice to include commercial and residential real estate, probate litigation and trust and estate practices. After Lazer combined with Bond last year, Audrey was named deputy managing member of the West Palm office.

“A big part of my role here, as I see it, is growing our presence in West Palm and South Florida,” she says. “It’s really exciting to be in our shoes right now, to go out and grow business.”

Back in high school, Audrey entertained dreams of one day becoming a prosecutor –inspired by the episodes of “Law & Order” she watched with her family. A passion for higher-level math equations led her to double-major in mathematics and psychology in college.

“I just always liked math,” she says. “Proofs, problem-solving, figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B. And I eventually found an interesting application of those principles in the law.”

But not in criminal law. She had an opportunity to work for a criminal defense attorney as a college student and soon realized her fortunes lay elsewhere.

“It’s obviously a very important job, but after working on a case where a client was sentenced to life, I decided it was not for me,” she says.

Audrey attributes much of her drive and success so far to the influence of her late father, who she describes as a “zealous and creative entrepreneur who enjoyed the study of law and was very legal-minded.”

 “I owe a big part of my career to the encouragement of both of my parents, but especially my dad who inspired this career path,” Audrey says. “It was our dream together, and my father taught me to pursue all endeavors, including a career in the law, with passion and purpose.”

And now it’s Audrey’s turn to serve as cheerleader, as her husband, Jeremy, starts his legal career in Bond’s West Palm Beach office.

In their down time, the couple enjoy kayaking, hiking, vegetable gardening and goofing around in the yard with their hound dog, Chief.

“It’s Florida and being outside is wonderful,” she says.