Mary P. Moore and Gail M. Norris Published in Special Rochester Business Journal Publication: “COVID Recovery"

March 18, 2021

Inoculating Your Business Against COVID-19

The pandemic has created a host of challenges for businesses. But for those who think proactively, obstacles can also be opportunities. In every aspect of a company’s operation, there are actions you can take to not only withstand the pandemic’s effects but even flourish.

The steps recommended below arise from a few basic facts about how the pandemic is affecting the economy. First, COVID-19 is having an uneven impact on businesses; some are thriving while others are still struggling. Second, many companies are reacting reflexively to the disruption caused by COVID-19, rather than proactively scrutinizing their operations for opportunities. Finally, there will be a “new normal” when the pandemic ends, and those companies that anticipate it will likely fare better.

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