Reopening New York — Fielding Questions about Employer Liabilities

June 17, 2020

By: Adam P. Mastroleo and Daniel J. Pautz

As a bonus to Bond’s June 16 Tuesday webinar about the evolving legal implications of COVID-19 for business, we’ve posted two short videos to provide additional information and answer frequently asked questions: 

  1. Litigation attorney Daniel Pautz outlines the three lines of defense an employer can use against an allegation that an employee became infected with COVID-19 on the job.

  2. Labor and employment attorney Adam Mastroleo answers some frequently asked questions about travel restrictions and how employers can handle employees’ personal travel. 

The full presentation covered these topics:

  • Reopening Update – Where are We Now? 
  • Reopening Future – Where are we Going and What Can we Foresee?         
  • Liability Issues – Update on Claims and Theories 
  • OSHA Update
  • PPP Program

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