Coronavirus: A Weekly Update and Discussion on Legal and Practical Issues

Each Tuesday

COVID-19 Workplace Issues

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the landscape of our workplaces, now and in the future. As we navigate these turbulent times, Bond will provide guidance during a 45-minute webinar each Tuesday.

Business Recovery Issues

In these sessions, we will not only summarize the week’s latest federal and state guidance, we will also offer insights on

  • Business-opening considerations
  • The laws and latest guidance that affect clients seeking economic relief
  • Risk mitigation and reopening plans
  • Potential liability and recovery issues
  • Tax law amendments and compliance
  • All aspects of employment law compliance

12 - 12:45 p.m.

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View October 13 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • PPP Interim Rule
  • Symptomatic, Exposed, COVID Positive - When Can Employees Work?
  • Update from Albany

View October 6 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • Pandemic Planning for Public Employers
  • School Reopening Update
  • Update from Albany
  • OSHA Update - COVID Developments
  • Litigation Update - A Review of Recent Cases
  • COVID Exposure FAQs - What Do We Do Now?

View September 29 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • NYS PSL - Three Big Things to Have in Mind
  • Provider Relief Fund Reporting Requirements
  • Reopening FAQs
  • Wage and Hour Claims Arising from the Pandemic
  • Assessing the Metrics - Where are We?

View September 22 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • Taking Stock of the Pandemic
  • Employment Litigation - Claims to Watch For
  • Employer COVID Liability Update
  • Unemployment Recap - Where are We?
  • Relief Programs

View September 15 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • Update from Albany
  • DOL Revised FFCRA Regulations
  • New EEOC COVID Guidance
  • COVID Litigation Update

View September 8 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • Payroll Tax Guidance - What are Your Options?
  • Unemployment Update
  • Update from Albany
  • New York Paid Sick Leave FAQs
  • School Reopening Update

View September 1 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • New York Paid Sick Leave - FAQs
  • Higher Education Update - Developments and Trends
  • Update from Albany
  • Litigation Update - Class Action Lawsuits
  • Addressing Leave Issues - New Guidance from the Department of Labor

View August 25 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • Unemployment Insurance Update - Where are we Now?
  • Payroll Tax Update - Where are we Now (Part II)?
  • Update from Albany
  • Reopening Issues - Where are we Now (Part III)?
  • School Reopening Update

View August 18 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • Reopening Update - Gyms, Bowling Alleys and What is Next
  • Reopening Part II - Occupancy Guidance
  • Litigation Update
  • PPP Program - Review and Recap of Where We Are
  • School Reopening Update

View August 11 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • Overview of High Profile COVID Cases & Status of Federal Liability Protection
  • Update from Albany
  • Paid Sick Leave Issues (ESL and PSL)

View August 4 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • School District Update
  • School-Related Employee Leave Issues
  • New York Paid Sick Leave
  • PPP Forgiveness
  • Update from Albany

View July 28 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • FFCRA Update - What's Old and What's New
  • New York Forward Opening
  • Opearing Issues - FAQs
  • Procedural Changes at Division of Human Rights
  • Update from Albany

View July 21 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • School Reopening – What We Know and What We Don’t Know (Up to this Point)
  • Higher Education Reopening – Assessing the Difficult Issues
  • Impact of PPP on Transactions – Considerations, Pitfalls, etc. for Your Transaction
  • Update from Albany
  • Managing COVID Related Retaliation Claims

View July 14 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • DOH Emergency Rule
  • Reopening Update - Where are We (Phases, Industry Guidance, Updates)
  • Business Interruption Insurance Claims in the Age of COVID-19
  • What is Ahead - A Look Forward

View July 7 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • Weekly Albany Update
  • NYS Travel Advisory
  • Public Sector - Municipal Reopening & Travel
  • Main Street Lending Program

View June 30 Webinar |  Presenter Information

  • PPP Update
  • Travel Advisory Executive Order
  • Update From Albany

View June 23 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • Business Tax Issues - Benefits and Credits Under the COVID-19 Legislation
  • Phase IV Reopening - What is Coming
  • Phase IV Reopening - Higher Education Guidance
  • Waiver Considerations - Things to Think About
  • Accommodation Issues Review

View June 16 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • Reopening Update - Where are We Now?
  • Reopening Future - Where are we Going and What Can we Foresee?
  • Liability Issues - Update on Claims and Theories
  • OSHA Update
  • PPP Program

View June 9 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • PPP - Update and Putting it in Perspective - Where are We Now?
  • Reopening Updates - Current Status of Guidance, Executive Orders and Industry Plans
  • Update from Albany
  • Unemployment Update - What is Clear and What Remains in Flux

View June 2 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • PPP FAQ's - Things to Focus on as Reopening Proceeds
  • Reopening Update - Clearing Up Some Questions
  • Reopening Update - Where Are We?
  • Employment Accommodation and Discrimination Issues
  • COVID-19 Exposure Claims - Things to Consider as Businesses Reopen

View May 26 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • CARES Act Final Regulations and Loan Forgiveness Application
  • Update from Albany
  • Phase One Reopening and Anticipated
  • Issues in Phase Two

View May 19 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • Update from Albany
  • Phase 1 and Reopening Plans
  • What Can We Expect in the Coming Weeks?
  • Employment Issues
  • PPP Update

View May 12 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • FFCRA Leave and Rehiring Issues
  • Working Remotely
  • New York's Pubic Sector - Restricted, Not Paused
  • Update from Albany
  • Tax Credits, Loans and PPP Update

View May 5 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • Unemployment Update - Top Issues Under the CARES Act
  • Litigation Update - NYUS Court E-Filing and Other Litigation Issues
  • Reopening Update - The Latest on Reopening Plans
  • Update from Albany
  • Loan and Relief Issues - The Evolving Issues and Update

View April 28 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • FEMA's Public Assistance Program for Entities Affected by COVID-19
  • CARES Act Part II and PPP Update
  • Going from NY on PAUSE to NY FORWARD
  • Reopening Considerations - Components of a Reopening Plan 
  • Avoiding Employment Discrimination Claims Related to Coronavirus

View April 21 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • Coronavirus in the Workplace
  • Layoffs, Furloughs and WARN Act Issues
  • Update from Albany
  • Reopening Issues - Planning and Preparedness
  • Negligence and Litigation Issues
  • Relief Programs - The Old, The New and The Unknown

View April 14 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • The Latest Guidance from ESDC and Update on Complaints to AG's Office
  • Update from Albany
  • Leave Documentation
  • Product Liability and Other Issues
  • Main Street Lending Program

View April 7 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • Navigating Notice, Statutory and Paid Leave Overlay, Health Care Provider Definition, Counting Employees
  • Dealing with Troubled Companies
  • Commercial Rent Payment - Overview
  • Updates from Albany

View March 31 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • The CARES Act
  • Families First and CARES Act: Key Employment Law Provisions
  • Unemployment Summary
  • The Latest Developments From Albany: NY Updates
  • OSHA Guidance for COVID-19

View March 24 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • Imposition of Restrictions in Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities
  • The Latest Out of Governor Cuomo’s Office
  • How COVID-19 has Impacted Pending Litigation and Curtailed Court Operations
  • Emergency Aid Measures

View March 17 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • The Scope of NYS Executive Orders
  • The Impact on Private Sector and Municipal Entities
  • Controlling a Virus Hot Spot: The New Rochelle Experience
  • Best Practices for Remote Work Arrangements
  • Business Interruption Insurance Issues and Contract Claims Arising from the COVID-19 Crisis

View March 10 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • NY State of Emergency: Public Health Announcements & Advisories
  • Practical Steps Employers Should Be Doing Now
  • Cancelling Events and Potential Contract/Insurance Issues
  • Best Resources to Stay up to Date

Helpful links:

USDOL Wage & Hour Division - Q&A regarding COVID-19 impact on pay

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