The Latest Developments with NYS Concealed Carry Rules

January 18, 2023

By: Nicholas P. Jacobson

As a bonus to Bond’s January 17 Business in 2023 webinar, Bond labor and employment attorney Nicholas P. Jacobson provided an update on the latest with New York State’s gun control legislation. After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down New York’s requirement that individuals demonstrate their need for protection to obtain a concealed carry permit, the state passed the Concealed Carry Improvement Act. The CCIA, which prohibits firearms in “sensitive” areas (e.g., schools, churches, etc.) and “restricted” areas (i.e., private property where the owner prohibits gun possession), faced immediate legal challenges, which are still underway.  

The full Tuesday webinar covered the following topics:

  • COVID Update
  • Wage and Hour Developments in 2022
  • New York’s Gun Control Legislation
  • Cybersecurity Developments in 2022
  • Forward / Looking Back: The 22-23 Higher Education Landscape

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