Reopening New York — Understanding New York’s Travel Advisory

July 9, 2020

By: Subhash Viswanathan, Theresa E. Rusnak, and Christopher T. Kurtz

As a bonus to Bond’s July 7 Tuesday webinar about the evolving legal implications of COVID-19 for business, we’ve posted two short videos to provide additional information and answer frequently asked questions:

  1. Labor attorneys Subhash Viswanathan and Theresa Rusnak delve into a few of the finer points of New York’s travel advisory.

  2. Labor attorney Christopher Kurtz tackles some questions about how the travel advisory specifically applies to essential employees working in the public sector.

The full presentation covered:

  • Weekly Albany Update
  • NYS Travel Advisory
  • Public Sector - Municipal Reopening & Travel
  • Main Street Lending Program

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