Federal Contractors Should Prepare for OFCCP's New Enforcement Efforts

May 29, 2012

By: Larry P. Malfitano

Federal contractors may want to start preparing for proposed changes to the regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs ("OFCCP"), in connection with federal contractors' affirmative action obligations.  OFCCP expects to have new final regulations in place during 2012, which will increase federal contractors' obligations regarding veterans and disabled individuals, as well as modify the documentation required during compliance evaluations.

Proactive steps that covered employers should consider taking include:

  1. Review outreach and recruitment efforts, particularly with agencies representing disabled individuals and veterans.  Documentation should be kept of all outreach efforts, as well as any responses.
  2. Invite applicants to identify themselves as covered veterans.
  3. Check whether all non-executive job openings are being posted with the appropriate state employment delivery service and maintain documentation of postings.
  4. Review handbooks and employment policies regarding leaves of absence and reasonable accommodations.
  5. Analyze current data collection systems to determine whether there are any issues with collecting the additional information in the OFCCP's proposed Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing:  (a) employment activity will be required to be submitted by job group and job title; and (b) individual compensation data will need to be submitted for all employees, including such information as gender, race/ethnicity, job title, EEO-1 category, job group, date of hire, base salary, wage rate, hours worked, and other compensation, such as bonuses, incentives, commissions, merit increases, locality pay, and overtime.
  6. Analyze compensation data to determine if adjustments need to be made to eliminate any potential problematic pay disparities.

The proposed Itemized Listing requires covered employers to provide the OFCCP with individualized compensation data for all employees, which will enable the OFCCP to run a variety of analyses.  Covered employers should keep in mind that the OFCCP may not have appropriate measures to safeguard this sensitive data from Freedom of Information Act requests.  Before submitting any compensation data, covered employers should take steps to protect such information.