Open Source

Intel Spends $30M On Open Source University Computer Centers

September 13, 2011

From: An August 3, 2011 Intel press release:

These centers represent the next $30 million installment of Intel’s recently announced 5-year, $100 million ISTC program to increase university research and accelerate innovation in a handful of key areas. As with previously announced ISTCs for visual computing and secure computing, the new centers encourage tighter collaboration between university thought leaders and Intel. To encourage further collaboration, the ISTCs use open IP models with results publically available through technical publications and open-source software releases. (emphasis added)

Question: Much open source software has restrictions attached to it. Is it prudent to put legal oversight on these sorts of computer centers to make sure third part “open source restrictions” are complied with? Maybe this depends upon whether these computer centers will ever generate commercial software, or whether they will always remain uncommercialized.