Private Institutions: Don’t Be Left Out of the Start-Up NY Program

October 29, 2013

By: Frank J. Patyi

15453102-new-york-city-usa-june-14-fountain-in-front-of-the-low-memorial-library-of-columbia-university-the-On October 28, New York State released information necessary for private colleges and universities to begin applying to participate in the Start-Up NY Program.  As you may recall, the Start-Up NY Program was enacted during the Summer of 2013, and provides very substantial benefits to certain businesses that open within designated areas proximate to qualifying higher educational institutions. The amount of space available for private institutions to participate in the Program is limited. Given the limit on available space, any delay in submission of the requisite application materials may cause an institution to be left out of the Program.  As a result, now that the State has clarified the application process for private colleges and universities, institutions interested in participating in the Start-Up NY Program should act immediately to submit their application materials.