Coronavirus: A Weekly Update and Discussion on Legal and Practical Issues

Each Tuesday

The viewpoints, risk assessments, and concerns of stakeholders in every organization are in flux as the evolving coronavirus situation morphs on a daily or even hourly basis. Trying to keep ahead of this situation has become complicated. Bond will provide weekly guidance during a 45-minute webinar each Tuesday, starting March 10.

In our weekly sessions, we will summarize the week's latest federal and state guidance; inform you of approaches being taken by employers and industry leaders; and share the questions we are hearing and provide an update to you. 

A sampling of topics that will be discussed includes:

  • Best practices and recommendations
  • Latest updates on available scientific and medical information
  • Wage and hour issues including leave, compensation, continuation of benefits, FMLA and PFL
  • Workplace scenarios, e.g., dealing with employees who have returned to work after traveling to high-risk locations
  • Staffing issues and working from home
  • Group meetings and events

12 - 12:45 p.m.

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View March 10 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • NY State of Emergency: Public Health Announcements & Advisories
  • Practical Steps Employers Should Be Doing Now
  • Cancelling Events and Potential Contract/Insurance Issues
  • Best Resources to Stay up to Date

View March 17 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • The Scope of NYS Executive Orders
  • The Impact on Private Sector and Municipal Entities
  • Controlling a Virus Hot Spot: The New Rochelle Experience
  • Best Practices for Remote Work Arrangements
  • Business Interruption Insurance Issues and Contract Claims Arising from the COVID-19 Crisis

View March 24 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • Imposition of Restrictions in Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities
  • The Latest Out of Governor Cuomo’s Office
  • How COVID-19 has Impacted Pending Litigation and Curtailed Court Operations
  • Emergency Aid Measures

View March 31 Webinar  |  Presenter Information

  • The CARES Act
  • Families First and CARES Act: Key Employment Law Provisions
  • Unemployment Summary
  • The Latest Developments From Albany: NY Updates
  • OSHA Guidance for COVID-19

Helpful links:

USDOL Wage & Hour Division - Q&A regarding COVID-19 impact on pay

OSHA Guidelines on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19