Everyday Bond marshals its resources in support of employers by assessing the shifting business landscape, identifying potential legal hazards, charting sound approaches and sharing insights with our clients. We bring a multidisciplinary approach, employing strategies from across the firm and provide practical solutions and the resources that help our clients grow and maintain a positive workforce.

Bond’s Essential Resources for Business is a coalition of attorneys from multiple practices within the firm (e.g., labor and employment, business, business restructuring, real estate, tax, government relations, litigation, etc.) providing up-to-the-minute response to rapidly evolving regulations and economic conditions. Collaboratively, we divide and conquer the issues, big and small, that entities face today.

As essential resources for business, Bond:

  • explains the laws and latest guidance;
  • focuses on risk and crisis mitigation plans;
  • reviews and analyzes contracts to assess both potential liability and recovery related to nonperformance, force majeure clauses and termination;
  • unpacks and simplifies the tax law amendments designed to ease tax compliance burdens and expand applicable tax benefits; 
  • assists with implementation of OSHA guidelines, new and old, to promote workplace safety; and 
  • advises on all aspects of employment law compliance.

Bond – Essential to Your Business